Eickhoff Windenery Hamburg 2016 by prisma plan

Eickhoff - great forces dominate the exhibition stand

We staged an exhibit from the mining industry in an open and welcoming trade fair exhibition atmosphere. The explanation of how this exhibit dominated the forces at play follows from the lounge-like communication pointsEickhoff is a worldwide specialist in machine development for extreme conditions. Eickhoff's products are characterised by a long service life and low maintenance costs.


The exhibition stand concept related predominantly to presenting a large machine (the drive for conveyor belts) without the trade fair stand losing its effectiveness. An open design was chosen, offering the possibility to receive information about the exhibit at different communication points.


The distinctive Eickhoff logo above the stand's rear panels provided for excellent recognition of the exhibition stand from a distance. Illuminated graphics frames, which reproduced the current slogan, served as a starting point for the visitors.

60 qm



grafic frames


lounge seats


cups of the best coffee