Ajax Tocco Gifa Thermprocess 2015 by prisma plan

Ajax Tocco - Innovation by Induction

The double-storey exhibition stand was the information centre of the exhibition about induction.Under the umbrella of the Ajax Tocco Group, a globally active corporation active in the induction technology sector, Ajax Tocco Magnethermic GmbH - Intec Induction is the experienced centre of excellence for inductive soldering, heating systems and hardening systems. With more than 80 years of experience in induction systems technology, their customers regard them as a reliable partner. Together with its subsidiary, Foundry Service, the Ajax Tocco Group successfully presented itself at Gifa.


Ajax Tocco and Foundry Service asked for a two-storey exhibition stand, divided into parent company and subsidiary, including numerous information points and communication facilities. The highlight of the exhibition stand, and simultaneously serving as a divider, was a 5 m high graphics frame, which showed an emotive large-scale graphic for each company. Identical but smaller frames were integrated as information points. The stand stood out with the very appealing and contemporary rounded corners of the frames. This soft design language was also taken up in the circumferential banner above the stand. The logos of all of Ajax Tocco Group's subsidiaries were included in all the graphic frames as well as on the circumferential banner. The company colours of red and white were highlighted throughout the stand.

195 qm




53 qm

lounge on the upper floor


magnetic field