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prisma planer: Stand builders and nature lovers

We are thinkers, planners, go-getters, constructors –and deep inside we are above all: Real outdoor-fans, who love it when the wind is blowing around. It is only a few steps from our headquarter in Herne to the canal. The Emscher river is perfect for strolling through as well. Don't you get the best ideas in nature?


For Ralf Bohle GmbH at the Eurobike 2019

From 4 to 7 September, our customer Ralf Bohle GmbH will be welcoming its trade fair visitors to Eurobike 2019 in Friedrichshafen. Its Schwalbe brand bicycle tyres and tubes are among the market leaders in Europe. This year, special e-bike tyres will be the highlight at the fair. And for all those who have now felt like getting into the saddle as quickly as possible comes here the hot route tip from the prisma planer.


The perfect e-bike-tour: The Emscher-cycle track

For our customers we tour across all of Europe. But deep in our hearts, we are engrained with our stand fair construction company, which is located in the Ruhr Region. What could be more obvious than to introduce you to the Emscher cycle path? Between the well in Holzwickede and the estuary into the Rhine near Dinslaken lie almost exactly 100 kilometres. And these are, both scenically and culinarily, highly interesting.


In BernePark one sleeps in a pipe

Do you know for example the BernePark in Bottrop? For years sewage was treated here and in fact there were not a few days when it literally stank. And today? These days, the Emschergenossenschaft has created a landscape park and made the circular clarifiers accessible. If you feel like it, you can even spend the night in there. Attention: Those who expect a cosy hotel room are unfortunately wrong. In BernePark, guests sleep in discarded sewer pipes. There's nothing more romantic in the Ruhr Region.


Special e-bike tyres are the highlight of the trade fair

With an e-bike, a bicycle trip these days is a pleasure fort he whole family. And the company Ralf Bohle GmbH offers the right tyre for every model. Now you're probably wondering why an electric bicycle needs its own special tyres. Because you are much faster on the road in curves and therefore need tyres with a lot of grip. The Schwalbe E-One is even specially designed for e-racing bikes.


Our rubber tree wood becomes the star of the fair

But of course we prisma planer won't be riding an e-bike to the fair in Friedrichshafen.  Maybe our cargo would be a bit too heavy for that. The highlights of the 200-square-metre Bohle booth are 75 vertical beams made of hevea wood. These come from sustainable forestry and will also be used for the customer's future trade fair appearances. Nature lovers. That´s what we said in fact.


We are looking forward to you

If you like to get in contact with us, feel free to visit us on Facebook or Instagram. Or just give us a call. We are lookig forward to you. prisma plan: Ideas from Herne, created for exciting customers from North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany and Europe.