Messebau & Messeevents von prisma plan


With great motiviation into the exhibition year 2020

The exhibiton year 2020 has begun. We can hardly wait for the new challenges it will bring. Plans for many fantastic fairs and events are already in full swing. The same standards that have distinguished our trade fair construction company for 30 years now continue to apply to us: As prisma planners, we want to be reliable and avoid coincidences. At the same time, however, we always retain the necessary flexibility to be able to react quickly to short-term changes.



Two exhibition and event highlights in spring

The spring has two event highlights in store for our stand construction company. In February, we organise the Food Sensation in Westfalenhalle Dortmund 6 for our client EGV-Group. And in March, HolzLand Expo 2020 is certainly not only on our calender - also with a colourful evening event, catering and everything else that is needed for a successful day of events. 


Objectives are clearly formulatedAs always, we asked ourselves an important question at the beginning of the new year: What goals do we want to achieve? The answer was not difficult for us. We want to keep going high without losing our grip on the ground. Every satisfied customer should serve us as motivation for the coming projects. Last year we planned and built many exhibition stands for our customers. This is the guideline we are following this year. What is clear is, that we want to surpass this goal.


Milestones for our stand construction companyThere are also further milestones ahead of our stand construction company:

- We aim to realize additional international trade fair appearances.

- We are looking forward to three trainees taking their examinations this year.


The good intentions of the prisma plannersHowever, an outlook into the year 2020 would not be complete without the very personal good intentions with which we prisma planners started the new year. Right at the top of the agenda is environmental protection. Even though we have already come a long way, we know that there is still potential for optimisation. Our goals are therefore:

- Leave the car and come to work by bike more often.

- Prefer the water dispenser in the office to the PET bottle.

- To enjoy nature every day, for example with a relaxing break at the Rhein-Herne-Canal.

- The abandonment of Coffee To Go cups and the use of reusable alternatives instead.


We are looking forward to youIf you would like to contact us, please visit us on Facebook or Instagram. Or give us a call. We are looking forward to you. prisma plan: Ideas from Herne, created for exciting customers in North-Rhine-Westphalia, Germany and Europe.