Messen & Events – Yamato

DELTA- The strong brand from dörken.

Experience products, where they are used:
New stand concept takes the customer visually on the building site.


The secret of succes for Delta are innovative technologies as well as the qualitive workmanship of construction foils for roof, basement and wall. The family business offers structually perfect solutions for all applications.


At the customers new standconcept, the focus is sustainability. The significant wood panels, as well as the memorable blue details  with the customers corporate design, will be reused in prospective projects after the exhibition.


On 240 sq m bright and open paths lead through the range of products. The display models are to be experienced and understood. They should also be seen as a journey through 125 years of company history.

240 sq m


40 sq m 

Second Floor


Wooden planks


Years Dörken Delta