Schuhtick Ausstellung by prisma plan

"From the Ötzi Shoe to High Heels" the LWL-Museum for Archeology in Herne presented numerous histories of shoes to accompany footwear over the course of timeWhoever hears the term "shoe fad" thinks inevitably of many women's favourite activity: shoe shopping! Every woman owns an average of 17.3 pairs of shoes and thus twice as many pairs as the average man. For this reason there are not only a lot of contact points to procure more new shoes, but also events, exhibitions and trade fairs to keep up with the latest trends. One of these exhibitions is - or was - the Schuhtick-Wanderausstellung [Shoe Fad - Traveling Exhibiton], which did not receive its catchy name without reason. The Schuhtick exhibition was started at the LWL Archaeology Museum in Herne, followed by exhibitions in Mainz, Bremen and Bonn.

The background for the exhibition was to present shoes from different time periods as well as in different styles. Footwear which is just commonplace in the modern era, nonetheless has numerous facets. The oldest sandal in Europe, Biedermeier boots, Marlene Dietrich's shoes, Marilyn Monroe's, Jürgen Klinsmann's, or Heidi Klum's shoes - 400 pieces told a story in an area of 800 square metres. More than 40,000 visitors explored the fascinating and colourful world of shoes at the exhibition (Herne). Four giant walk-through shoe boxes were used as the backdrops in which shoes were displayed as status and power symbols, as erotic signals, as lucky charms or as objects of art.


The catwalk with TV-recording for the exhibition visitors was tremendously popular. We worked closely with the LWL Museum of Archeology in Herne. Thus, numerous ideas for the individual presentations emerged as did achievable results. The successful rebuilding and dismantling of the exhibition confirmed our diligence to us.

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